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Aero Sports Services

Aero sports are a part of most adventure sports. It holds a special appeal for those who want to rise above the ordinary level. Aero sports are the best adventure sport which should try to experience the thrill in air and breathtaking views of the countryside. Royal Skytech Aviation offers excellent locations for all types of flying sports such as paragliding, hang gliding, paraceiling, paramotoring, skydiving and ballooning.

Sky Diving

Skydiving is the action of exiting an aircraft or jumping off of a tall structure, and returning to earth. Royal Skytech Aviation is in the process of developing the nation as a destination for adventure aero sports, especially skydiving.


The hot air ballooning is adventures, fun, thrill and most exciting way to discover the sky, and have the bird’s eye view of the land from a height. During pushkar camel fair, hot air ballooning is one of the major attraction of adventures sport.

Para Motoring

Hundreds of feet off the ground, climbing to new heights, and free to explore the world around you. You feel the rush and thrill in the pit of your stomach. It is an experience that is unforgettable with edge of your seat excitement.

Para Gliding

Treat yourself to an incredible experience, enjoy breath taking views. Paragliding is probably the purest form of free flight known to man. The recreational flying sport, it is a fun, thrill and safe way to experience flying in its simplest form.

Hang Gliding

Move your body back and the glider climbs, move forward and it descends, shift your weight to the side and the glider banks and turns. It’s that simple. It is a three dimensional sport which gives it an extra kick, like wind-surfing or skiing.

Aero Modelling

Aeromodelling is unique as an activity as it can and does provide for many varied and interesting aspects of model aviation. Flight training can be also provided for the beginner. If you have an interest in model aircraft feel free to contact us.