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Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Course

The Commercial Pilot License allows you to work as a Professional Pilot which means that you can legally be paid to fly. You will be eligible to fly for any of the commercial airlines or as a pilot in a number of different fields such as charter, contract, corporate, survey etc. Flying training is carried out by highly skilled and best instructors available for such purpose in the country. We aim not just making you learn how to fly but also to create discipline, values and respect towards the profession with its intense training module thereby imbibing professional qualities and thus giving wings to your dreams.


Education :   Class 10+2 certificate from any recognized board or university.
Age          :   16 years on date of joining/ 18 years for the issue of CPL.
Medical     :   Satisfactorily cleared Class I medical from a DGCA approved Doctor.
Language :   Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language fluently.

For Career Counselling:

Email: info@royalskytechaviation.com
International: +91 - 921 4444 310
Regional: 0141 - 6990006 (Jaipur), 0291 - 6990006 (Jodhpur), 0294 - 6990006 (Udaipur)