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Our Founder Chairman

Captain Mukesh Singh Shaktawat, the Founder Chairman of the Royal Skytech Group is an entrepreneur par excellence. By virtue of his initiative, perseverance, resourcefulness, and tenacity to overcome overwhelming odds, he became a living icon for all of us. His ability to translate his dreams into reality elevated him to the visionary leader.

The heights gained by the Royal Skytech Group bear testimony to his tireless efforts, indomitable will, and strong sense of commitment to his ideals and goals. His deep faith in the dictum “Paying back more than what we are paid” became the cornerstone of Royal Skytech Aviation, and this cherished conviction will always continue to inspire and guide us. Our presence in the aviation sector is an humble tribute to perpetuate his quintessential existence.

"Shall flutter like a sparrow........ and into oblivion I will fly"

Captain Mukesh Singh Shaktawat

Founder Chairman            
Royal Skytech