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Private Pilot License (PPL) Course

The Private Pilot License allows you to be Pilot In Command of an aircraft for any non commercial purpose. This is also the first step towards getting your Commercial Pilot License and later an airline job. Students who want to fly for hobby can also do PPL. After gaining your PPL you can then gain more flying experience.

Exams are conducted by DGCA four times a year. Exams involve multiple choice type questions and the minimum passing criteria for these exams are 70%. Student also need to satisfactorily pass skill test conducted by CFI of the academy. He should also possess SPL and FRTOL before commencing flying training.


Education :   Class 10 certificate from any recognized board or university.
Age          :   17 years for the issue of PPL.
Medical     :   Satisfactorily cleared Class II medical from a DGCA approved Doctor.
Language :   Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language fluently.

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