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Royal Skytech Advantages

Company is having following services as an advanatages in his bouquet.

Flight Operations Services

  • AVIATION INFORMATION CENTER: A dedicated team of dexterous professionals work with fluidity and precision to keep you updated with the latest information about watch hours, current meteorological report, weather forecast, significant and enroute weather, significant NOTAMs for the sector, schedule airlines’ flight movements and every other aviation related information.

  • WEATHER: Current METAR, Archive of METARs, Weather forecast, Wind charts of different flight levels and enroute information are the objects of weather information for a flight which are available for flight dispatch or on call.

  • FLIGHT FACILITATOR: Sit back and relax after ask us to dispatch a flight as it is done under one roof by a team of flight dispatch experts who impeccably do the flight planning for departure which comprises all the clearances (FIC/ADC/AOR, etc.), fuel calculation, coordination for fuel at the departure and arrival station, assistance in case of diversions/ emergencies/ exigencies and informing the ATD/ETA/ATA to the base station.

    • Payment of airport charges and obtaining credit facility.
    • Arrangement of intra-city transport.
    • Hotel room(s) booking or service apartments.

    • Filling up the capacity of vacant legs: Earn while you burn when returning empty as we get you passengers for your vacant leg.
    • Marketing of Charters: Skilled marketing team ensure time bound targets of bringing demands of air charters.
    • Providing services of Pilots: We maintain a list of pilots with their type rating, endorsement, flying hours, and other qualifications to have them in your service accordingly.

  • CREATING AND MAINTAINING E-LOGBOOK OF THE PILOTS: Data of your logbook is more important than where it is kept since it precariously exists in logbooks and there are chances of its loss therefore we offer the service of converting your existing logbook into an e-logbook, updating it, keeping its memory backup and its easy retrieval. Our idea to have all these services or supplies converges with the one you always want from one floor and under one roof.

Charter Services:

Royal Skytech Aviation is an amalgamated team of dedicated technocrats from various departments of aviation and hospitality who ensure to make your arrival and departure experience better as we don’t abandon you after your arrival or departure, on the contrary we continue to render our services beyond the airport periphery. We have professionals available to book a hotel room, get a transport of your choice for intra-city or inter-city movement, perhaps assist you in the purpose of your visit and finally make you feel at ease.

Our WALK-AN-EXTRA-MILE service always pleases our clients and gives them another reason to come back or to be associated with us.
  • Flower / Pamphlet Dropping: Royal Skytech Aviation does Flower / Pamphlet Dropping with the help of its experienced aviators to make your event blissfully memorable and to bring your aim to a success.We have our Helicopter positioned at Jaipur Airport.

  • Aero Sports: At our Aerosports section, you can enjoy the trills of adventures, by putting your hands on our different aerosports activities, i.e. Aero modelling, Paramotoring, Parasailing, Paragliding etc.

  • Pilot Training: Flying as vocation or avocation has always been a choice of the masses and it is evident that many people from all walks of life choose flying either as career or hobby. The job of a pilot is as serious as the job of a surgeon, his life is as dynamic as the life of defence personnel and the trainings which he undergoes groom his personality to create a contrast. As flying is one of the most coveted professions and Royal Skytech Aviation doesn’t leave any grey area in aviation and related fields, therefore we again strive to provide you with the industrial acumen as the trainers for commercial pilot training.
    The course has been designed to give you the ease of entry and exit at different levels so as to enable you to make the most of time and money and our association with various flying schools gives you a choice to complete you flying hours from the place of your convenience.

  • Different Levels of Training: Ground classes of commercial pilot subjects 1. SPL
    2. CPL
    3. Type rating
    4. ATPL

  • Online Pilot Shop: A online Pilot Shop is available on Royal Skytech Aviation for giving you a ease of shopping any of your aviation accessories and necessities on a click. Assured quality and turnaround time for the processing of your shipment is maintained to ensure your satisfaction.

A quick review on Flight Operations Services available:

(1) Obtaining Landing & Over flying permits from Civil Aviation Authority.
(2) Payment to all relevant authorities such as Airports Authority of India, and ground handling charges on behalf of our principal's on credit basis.
(3) Provision of Flight Planning / Weather Forecast & Notams prior to departure of the flight.
(4) Provision of Ground handling services for all types of aircraft are arranged on pre-negotiated rates through authorized ground handling companies at any locations in India.
(5) Arrangements for HOTEL and transport for crew and passengers at the desired locations.
(6) Obtaining landing and parking slots for the airport of the intended landing.
(7) We provide Air Charter services to our clients on pre negotiated rates for twin engine jets, turboprop. Aircraft and helicopter services as per the requirement to the various destinations in India and abroad. We also provide Ambulance Services for the sick persons on immediate requirement.
(8) We obtain specific permissions from Indian Civil Air for carrying dangerous goods by air As per UN numbers of the goods as notified by the operator and also ensure the packages as per ICAO norms.
(9) We handle Tourist Charter Flights to Tourist Destinations in India .We make Special arrangements for tourist destined to Buddhist Circuits of Varanasi—Gaya. Also the flight destined to tourist attraction places like Goa, Madurai Cochine, Calicut etc.
(10) Our most efficient teams are deputed to assist and expedite clearances for passengers and crews by making special transport arrangements and hotel accommodation on pre negotiated rates.
(11) Co-ordination with Ministry of Defence for flight operating through Defence Airports. Such as Agra, Jodhpur, Srinagar, Jammu and obtain landing and parking permissions.

For Bookings and Enquiry:

Email: info@royalskytechaviation.com
International: +91 - 921 4444 310
Regional: 0141 - 6990006 (Jaipur), 0291 - 6990006 (Jodhpur), 0294 - 6990006 (Udaipur)